Craig McNeil
March 17, 2021
Craig in Breck

At McNeil Designer Portraits we use an external light for all our family photography and executive portrait sessions.  As the majority of our sessions are outside on-location using an off camera light (also known as a “softbox”) makes for an overall better image.  I say this as a “people photographer” because it makes a distinct difference in the look and feel of final outcome.

We’ve all seen photographs that look under-exposed with no “pop” or detail in the faces or with flash photography where the subjects are over-lit to the point that they look washed out or overexposed.  They just don’t look very good which  can be disappointing.

There are five things that using a soft box can make for a great photograph:

  • The soft box allows us to create the mood or look for the portrait. 
  • It allows us to control the quality of light on our subjects. 
  • It puts a bit of sparkle or “catch-lights” in the eyes. For me this is a biggy for without the light the eyes look lifeless.  Having the catch lights brings more vitality to the subjects.
  • It puts warmth in the skin tones adding a a gentle glow to the faces

It’s these subtle differences that can make you look fantastic in  your family photograph

Family portrait in Breckenridge
Craig McNeil

About the author

Craig McNeil is a professional photographer in Denver, Colorado specializing in outdoor family portraits.

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