Craig McNeil
March 15, 2021
Family portrait in Vail

One of the questions I am frequently asked is; “Should we have our dog in the family portrait?” For me, the answer is a resounding yes! This is the same family member who wakes you every morning, who is always begging for a walk or a ball and always meets you with great excitement and a wag of the tail after you come home from a long day. Who never gets upset or angry but is always there, ready to love you regardless of mood. I guess that’s why we call them “Man’s Best Friend”. We all have stories from our past about the dogs we’ve loved, shared, laughed and cried over..… so yes they should be included in your family photo. And, if you couldn’t tell, we are dog lovers too and enjoy photographing them as well. Our speciality is getting your dog to smile along with the rest of the family. But let’s qualify that, because for most people, you know your pup is part of the family but leaves you wondering, will it be more trouble than it’s worth? After photographing hundreds of dogs over the years we’ve found a few tricks to have them more attentive and willing to cooperate. The number one is to bring your dog to the session hungry and tired. Doing so will take the edge off, so to speak. If your dog is the energizer bunny and never slows down, don’t worry we can still get them to cooperate. One of the great joys is having your furry loved one be part of the experience. So we welcome your pet in your next family photograph. 

Craig McNeil

About the author

Craig McNeil is a professional photographer in Denver, Colorado specializing in outdoor family portraits.

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